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Art and Craft of Cuttack

Cuttack being the cultural capital of the state has preserved the ancient heritage of the place in a very great manner through various practices and rituals. The art and handicraft of the district are known mostly for its finest and sparkling craftsmanship. Not only nationwide but popularity but these art works have garnered attention of the people throughout the world. Various art works of Cuttack district includes Art textile, horn works, brass/ bell metal works, silver filigree and Handicrafts that form one of the most vital factors in attracting the tourism of the state.

Cuttack Handicrafts

The textiles that are categorized by the bold and unusual patterns with attractive blend of colors and lavishing textures have their own individuality. The sarees and other fabrics produced from the hand operated looms and in beautiful designs and colors by the weavers of Cuttack and are very famous all over. ‘Ikat’ design is one of the distinctive features of Odisha textile industry. It is the design that has its ancient linkages with the trades of South-East Asia is an elaborative process of tie and dye.

Bell Metal-Ware Art of Cuttack

The Bell metal-ware has its deep connection with the history of Odisha. The artisans of brass and bell metal are by tradition Known as ‘Kansari’ and they are the ones who propagate ancient and modern methods of manufacturing utensils and decorative items which are of traditional shapes. These items are commonly utilized in the temples and also in houses mostly for religious purposes. Each of the brass and bell metal utensils has their own characteristics and hence known for the cooking and medicinal properties it possess.

Art Pieces made from Horns of Animals

Richly textured and finely fashioned the most Mystical and awe-inspiring art pieces made of the horns of animals are a few attractions of the handicrafts of Cuttack. The work done on horns are said to be a class apart. Horns which are mostly of the buffaloes and cows need a high level of skill set and power of imagination in its application. The artisans involved in this art use several specific textures of this material to mould all sorts of objects and that too with a spectacular degree of flexibility. The talented craftsmen of Cuttack expertly fashion the horns into animals of prey caught prowling, birds arrested in flight, deers nuzzling their young, fish-guzzling cranes, and elephants rolling logs. Stands, pipes, pen, combs, lamp stands and many more such substances are being crafted through the horns by the craftsmen of Cuttack.

Filigree Art in Cuttack

The filigree work is a unique craft which has its own intricate designs with outstanding craftsmanship. Cuttack is a place which has a very long tradition of stylish and sophisticated craftsmanship in silver filigree works. The filigree work in Cuttack is known as ‘Tarakasi’ and is noted for its delicateness and difficult workmanship. The filigree work of Cuttack has its roots in Persian countries which is said to be originated in early 15th century. This craft work has enough of patronage during the Moghul period but gradually due to the lack of encouragement and marketing facilities it has almost lost its presence. In the year 1952, the State Government took an initiative in order to restructure the conditions of these artisans by bringing them into co-operative fold.

Mostly there are 3 categories of filigree crafts, Rose work, Jari work and the Siko work in making the filigree articles. The Filigree work is distinguished from all other ornaments and jewelery by its brilliant finish, superior foils, textures and snowy glaze. This is why they are used as presents to be given to persons of national and international eminence who visit the state of Odisha. Decorative pieces of Konark Chakra, Lord Krishna’s chariot and a huge variety of several stunning and spectacular silver ornaments are a factor of craze among the modern fashion loving people. As per the government of Odisha, there are also the plans to have the World Filigree Centre” in Cuttack which will be a hub to all the art works performed in the state.

Filigree work, an ancestry inherited art brilliance of Odia’s, form an integral part of the work of the silversmiths. For the traditional and hereditary calling they are locally known as the ‘roopa banias’ or ‘roupyakars’. Since ages they have been trying hard to sustain the craft devotion notwithstanding the necessity drawing auxiliary work force from other sources by keeping trade secrets.

Famous Sand Art of Cuttack

There are several artists who form sculptures of sand on the bank of river Mahanadi and Kathjori. These are worldwide famous and has in Odisha it was first started at the coast of Puri Sea beach. The finish and with the design these sand carving is done take immense creativity and also patience. This has now become an attraction for the entire state as there have been several exhibitions are also being organized where artists from all over the state come and craft their designs from sand.

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