Transport in Cuttack

Times are gone when people used to take years to travel to other continent. We are into the generation of developed and modern science. Often it happens the best modes of transport are not comfortable yet we have to travel. This is the situation that happens in the public transport. Now-a-days in the sophisticated world of today no one has time to waste for and anything that helps in saving time, let that be through saving time in traveling, people buy that without hesitation. This is the reason why today there are so many modes of transport being developed and are brought in use.

Cuttack Transportation

Cuttack being one of the oldest cities of the country is also an unplanned city and hence to develop a new master plan for its medium of communication is a bit of challenge for the government and local bodies. Hence the best thing that could be done is to improvise the existing modes of transport. By improving the roads and public modes of transport the government of Odisha has taken several other steps to make the travel part easy for the general public. Cuttack is not as big city as Bhubaneswar but the population and the kind of people residing are more of traditional and conservative, they do not buy and adopt things that easily. This is also a challenge for the government to regularize the best modes of transport for the common man.

Public Transport Services in Cuttack

The silver city, Cuttack has several modes of transport services made available by the Government in the recent past to connect all the corners of the city. There are the Buses, taxis, rickshaws which are being used most commonly in Cuttack. Private buses also make a good impact on the transport system of the city. Being a twin city the railways also take a part in connecting Cuttack with its other part, Bhubaneswar.

Bus Transport in Cuttack
Roadways in Cuttack

One of the major components of the Public transport in Cuttack is the Dream Team Sahara (DTS) Bus Services, which has ensured rapid movement of the people from one place to another as well as provisions of bus services at a higher frequency. The bus services provided by OSRTC connect the major cities of Odisha with Cuttack. There are also private bus operators that provide their services to various parts of the state as well as the country and their buses ply to cities like Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Kolkata, Raipur and many other cities along with cities like Rourkela, Puri, Bargarh, Sambalpur etc within the state itself.

Rail Transport

Rail Transport in CuttackCuttack Railway Station is one of the busiest station of the Odisha connecting with almost all major cities of the east India. The newly formed railway station has been given a look of fort representing the famous Barabati fort of Cuttack. Indian Railways provide options for online and tatkal bookings, making travel convenient for travelers. Also all the states and even the smaller stations of these states are easily accessible through the Railway network of Cuttack.

Pre-Paid Auto Service in Cuttack

Local Transport in CuttackOne of the major changes that took in the transport sector of the city recently was the launch of Pre-Paid Auto services. Around 150 auto rickshaws were brought in use for the purpose and the services were started. A fare fixation committee was constituted to fix the rates for the prepaid auto-rickshaw service headed by the deputy commissioner of police. The committee fixes the fare of a particular place from the Cuttack railway station. This service is a result of the idea of prepaid taxis that are being adopted by many major cities of India.

Transporters in Cuttack

Packing, moving, or just travel, transporters are needed for fulfilling all of these purposes. A list of transporters in the city of Cuttack may help you find a better option for a transporter:

CRS Logistics
452/B, Professor Para, Main Road, Cuttack
Contact: 0671-231 0376

Orissa Road Carriers Private limited
H No: 476d, Professor Para, Canal Road, Cuttack
Contact: 0671-233 5444

Union Roadways
Behind Sangam Cinema, Mahatab Road, Badambadi Colony, Cuttack
Contact: 0671-232 3228

Agarwal Packers and Movers
Badambadi, Cuttack
Contact: 093 6001 4001

A-z Packers and Movers
Deula Sahi Chak, Near Axis Bank ATM, Tulsipur, Cuttack – 753008
Contact: (0671)- 2307424
[email protected]

Road Transport Office in Cuttack

Licensing for Vehicles, Road permit and all sort of transportation in the state and national permit can be availed from the Road Transport Office located near the High Court of Odisha at Cuttack.
Road Transport Officer, Cuttack
Near High Court of Odisha, Cuttack
Contact: 0671- 2603492

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